Damon RichardsonMain Session Speaker

Damon Richardson, is a native of Queens, New York and spent his formative years being raised in a Muslim household where he was taught and practiced the tenets of Islam through the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. He became a born again believer of Jesus Christ at the age of 16, and began preaching a year later.

Damon is an itinerant Bible teacher and founder of UrbanLogia, a Christian theological and apologetics resource that specializes in Urban Apologetics which seeks to dispel myths and untruths about Christianity, equip believers to intelligently articulate the basis of their faith, develop a solid systematic theology and doctrinal foundation and to help them become conversant with the various theologies, ideologies and worldviews that oppose the Christian faith.

Damon holds Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Beulah Heights University where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership. He has done additional graduate studies at Virginia Union University Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, Regent University School of Divinity, and at St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva. His ministry spans 28 years and he has pastored churches in Brooklyn, New York, Michigan, and in Florida. He is married to Nadine Richardson of Jamaica, WI and is the father of three boys and one girl, Jalen, Chandler, Amare and Nyasia. He is also a former elementary and special education teacher.

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